India is our country where children have the unique opportunity to grow in the midst of rich culture, rituals,festivals and heritage.

The wonderful art and crafts of India have been enjoyed through generations and are finding a newappreciation today. Likewise, the traditional craft of Channapatna brought into India from Persia 200 years ago by Tipu Sultan, is now being revived again. Channapatna is known for the tradition of wooden toy making. This craft was brought into India from Persia 200 years ago by Tipu Sultan. The beautiful handcrafted wooden toys are now seeing new avatars in the global market. The drive to use this 'special children's craft' to create usable furniture led me to design the "Channaptana Collection" around the strengths and constraints of this art form.

These wooden elements are all made of non-toxic natural materials perfect for our vulnerable children. Locally sourced sustainable wood creates the base of these elements. Natural pigments made from turmeric, indigo, pomegranate peel added to natural shellac create the finishing colours. Naturally available palm leaves are used to create the sheen on the surface of each element. The invigorating colours and smooth textures created completely of natural materials are both exciting and safe for our little ones. The Channapatna line is our humble attempt to bring forward their beautiful story through the scintillating hand crafted wooden beads which come together with non toxic stainless steel, tensile membranes and other modern day materials to create enchanting pieces of furniture. Each uniquely crafted piece brings forward the story of the craft and the craftsmen, carrying on the old traditions with the designs of tomorrow.