Our FUNiture accessories are the little products, which can wiggle into any space and add the element of FUN, brightness and a splash of colour. These are easy to move around in different spaces, can complement many backdrops and make wonderful gifts! Each piece is passionately designed and handcrafted by our special teams.

The range includes wall embellishments like writing boards and mirrors and a soon to be launched collection of floor furniture!

Fun Accessory Collection

Working with a naturally talented Indian illustrator- Tanvi Bhat, we are excited to launch the new products from our latest collection! Tanvi is an illustrator for children's books and has worked for some of the best publishers in our country. The hand illustrated images could be representative of any of the potential users- little children of the global world. The illustration hints at the functionality of the product. The details could be that of a child in India or anywhere in the world.

What is amazing about children is their natural behaviour which surpasses any limitations of geographical boundaries. This is what we attempt to capture with this collection. We aim to represent every child and behaviour pattern of children the world over.

In traditional cultures, emphasis is given to being grounded- allowing children to be on the floor, in their natural postures where movement and posture is unrestricted. This collection celebrates the child in its most natural postures with flexibility of movement and usage.

Launching soon at London design fesival

The giraffe write on me in this collection is a special piece developed to match with our ever popular Giraffe Little chair. It has varied textured surfaces for different writing experiences, a duster tail, perfect hardware for mounting on any wall and bright colours to animate any space!

Easy to maintain and convenient usage makes the Giraffe Write on me a popular item for a large age group.

Little princesses and Big strong girls, little monkeys and big lions that our children like to pretend play as- what is common between all of them is how they all love watching themselves act out various roles or look at themselves while they doll up and man up! Our REFLECT ME range is an assorted range of mirrors which can be mounted in rooms or bathrooms or any lobby space. The simple versatile outlines add an interesting element into any space. The well polished edges and strong finishing makes it safe and easy to use!