My FUNiture story is the product of many stories

My Story: the story of the founder: an architect and mother

Your Story: We hope that each piece of our collection adorns the rooms and lives of our little connoisseurs, thus becoming an intricate part of their enchanted tales. Their Story: Each piece of the collection has a story to tell

Our FUNiture Story:
Each piece of furniture here has been crafted with intricate attention to detail, much thought to the vulnerable user and most of all immense love.

We have built many memories as patrons and craftsmen of these works of art.

Today as we part with this little part of us/ this little gift of ours, we wait in anticipation to hear of all the adventures our little users will be having with them. We hope each piece becomes an intricate part of our little users' stories and helps adding a little element of magic and fun into them!